GreenLee BHS, LLC. - "From Brokenness to Wholeness"
GreenLee Behavioral Health Services, LLC multi-dimensional programming is an outpatient therapeutic child/adolescent, family and community program.  Services are designed to address and strengthen the emotional, developmental, educational and social needs of those referred to us.  We provide services within and out  of the office.
Therapeutic components are customized to meet the needs of each family.  In today's society, there are many varieties of family living situations that are more common then the traditional family.  The family structure is composed of blood relatives, foster parents, adoptive parents, step or half siblings, grandparents and their live in companions, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc.  GreenLee BHS supports and strengthens the family unit by enabling it to become an effective support system  for its individual members while promoting its ability to interface productively with the community.
  • Quality, Ethical Practices and Accurate Documentation are the responsibility of Everyone
  • Our style of Methodology shall be Candid and Effective...Seek first to understand, then be understood
  • We demand Accountability in all we do
  • We will Educate our Clients on the Variety of Services offered
  • We Contribute to a Positive Environment, treating Everyone with Dignity and Respect, Assuring every Client feels Valued and Welcomed
  • We are Proud to be a Responsible corporate citizen, lending our Time and Resources to Enhance the Lives of our Clients 
  • We find Worth and Enjoyment in all we do
  • We are Professionals Serving a Diverse Community of Future Professionals
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